Thursday, January 1, 2015

January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!!! Does everyone have their list of New Year resolutions done? I know, what’s the use? Just remember to think positive and those resolutions will come to be.

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Congratulations!  Eight MMs received gift certificates for a release day copy of By the Blue Moon on New Year's Day! I hope that you enjoy and will share your thoughts/comments/reviews on Amazon/Goodreads.  Happy New Year MM Winners!

Quote of the Month:  “It is the combination of thought and love which forms the irresistible force of the law of attraction.”  Charles Haanel.

Featured AuthorCallie Hutton

Hi Everyone! Thanks, Maxine for having me here today.

My recently released book, The Baron’s Betrayal, is the fourth book in my Marriage Mart Mayhem series. This is the story of Marion, one of the Duke of Manchester’s sisters.

I have read stories before where a man who is assume dead returns, most times just as his wife is about to marry someone else. But when I plotted this story, I wondered what would happen if the man did return, but his wife has no other romantic interest?  Suppose he had purposely hidden himself from her, didn’t want to stay married? He thought he had a good reason, but would she?

That is the basis for The Baron’s Betrayal.

It's been two years since Lady Marion Tunstall lost her husband at sea. Two years of sorrow and grief. Only now has the young, comely widow finally re-entered society. It isn't until she and her family attend the merriment of a country dance that Lady Marion sees her dead husband, alive and well...and faints dead away.
Lord Tristan Tunstall has no choice but to confess—he is alive, yes, but not a whole man who can be a husband and father. When he offers her a divorce,  however, Marion stubbornly refuses. Now she has forced herself back into his life, and into his home and (oh, God forgive his weakness) his bed. He cannot stop himself from wanting her. Loving her. But can he live with the secret she is keeping from him?


“My lord.”
He rose, his mouth working as he tried desperately to respond, but the huge lump wedged in his throat kept him from answering. The muscles in his neck continued to tighten, and he turned his head away from her voice, fearful she would see his tears. “Marion.” Her name came out raspy, somewhere between a groan and a plea.
Then, almost knocked off his feet by her enthusiastic embrace, he inhaled her smell, her softness, her love. Holding his arms out to his sides, he quickly surrendered to his desires and encircled her slim body. For one precious moment he imagined her always being here in his arms. His palms slid upward, his fingers tangling in the silkiness of her hair. He leaned his cheek against her head and moaned with longing.
Then the reality of his situation reared its ugly head, and he grasped her shoulders, setting her from him. “Please, Marion. This is not a good idea.”
“Don’t b-b-be ridiculous. I l-l-love you.”
Her words were like a knife to his heart. But he steeled himself, knowing he was doing the right thing.

Valentine’s Day ContestSign up for Maxine’s Musings by clicking on the newsletter link at my blog  / newsletter page and receive Kama Sutra HONEY DUST (a $23.00 value), plus some other goodies for you and your lover. One name will be randomly drawn from the entire list on January 25; the winner will be contacted via email on January 26.  Good Luck MMs!

News/UpdatesEternally Yours has been assigned a cover artist. Cora at Cora Graphics Book Cover Designs is capturing the essence of EY and I can’t wait to show you the final cover.  Check out Cora’s work here: Website / Romance Novel Center / Facebook / Pinterest

$0.99 ** Limited Time ** By the Blue Moon, Human Touch, and Gabby's Second Chance. Kindle USA / Nook / Kobo 

Coming Next Month:  Announcing the Valentine’s Day winner! A peek into my new soon to be released Eternally Yours, and some Valentine’s Day traditions.

With much gratitude, until next time…keep reading.

Spark your imagination and entice your mind
Be adventurous in your own home
Take a journey into a new world and be inspired
Enjoy the pleasures of reading ~~
It does the mind and body good.

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