Friday, September 11, 2015

September 11, 2015

Back to School!!!  Be honest, how many parents are sighing with relief?  How many kids are happy the summer’s over and they can see their friends again?  Lots I bet.  Get those books out and remember to read and study!  You never know when the knowledge is going to be to your benefit.  The next author could be out there waiting to come out of hiding.

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Quote of the Month:  A little kingdom I possess, where thoughts and feelings dwell; And very hard the task I find of governing it well.” ~~ Louisa May Alcott, Novelist (1832-1888)  Readmore

Featured Authors:  The Authors of Blue Moon Magic Series:  Why I write erotic romances.

Debi Wilder/MaxineDouglas:  Hmmmm, the genre allows me to be creative without any boundaries whatsoever.  The inspiration behind the Blue Moon Magic series was an older Wisconsin legend of a wolfman-like creature living in the Kettle Moraine Forest. I started playing the “what if” game and brought a few of my author buddies in on the idea to create a wolfen society.

Since being brought in by Charles Langford, Justin Matthews knew he took liberties with his place in the family company more times than Chastity Langford probably cared to admit; after all, she didn’t have a clue as to why he was there. But Chastity would soon enough, and Justin couldn’t wait to be there when she did.

Honey Jans:  I write erotica because I like to add spice to my reader’s lives.  I guess you could say I'm a natural born romantic with a decidedly kinky imagination. We were at a writer’s conference in San Antonio when Debi Wilder and Shari Dare first told me about the “beast” legend and talked about creating a series around it.  The moment they spoke about it I was captivated.  And as anyone who knows me will tell you, when I’m captivated I’m all in.  Then Lynn Crain looked at what we’d done and realized there was something missing—someone missing—another wolfen heartbeat.  She was so right and when she added the clan’s long lost brother the series was complete. 

“You’re not going to give me the slip, sweetheart. Try it again and pay the penalty,” PI Lucas Kendal had warned the first time she’d attempted to get away and he’d caught her in the elevator.
Pressed into a corner as he loomed over her, his body heat making her burn, Charity Langford had damned near melted. She hadn’t dared to ask what the penalty was. Based on his dominant gaze, she had a pretty good idea it involved her bent over his knee. What a Neanderthal. But she couldn’t help creaming as the rock hard proof of his arousal pressed against her. Then he leaned in to sniff her neck, and she fluttered inside as he let out a low, primal growl. When an equally primitive growl poured out of her, it seemed to shock both of them as he drew back to look at her.

Shari Dare:  I began writing erotica on a dare. Notice the pun on my name. When I wrote the first one, Debi Wilder s shocked, because she didn't think I could write anything like this. To be truthful, she was thinking of my alter ego and not of me. I'm the naughty girl in this partnership and I get to have all the fun she doesn't have. I love being colorful.

The marriages of the Blue Moon Princesses have all been arranged by their parents, but Clarity Langford knew it was something that wouldn’t happen to her. She was completely human with the exception of her psychic visions and her ability to telepathically communicate with her family members. When Tom Morrison entered her life, she knew her days as a single woman were coming to an end. It was only the interference of Rowan and his band of Beta wolves that threatened to put an end to her fairy tale life before it had a chance to begin.

Lynn Crain:  There are many reasons I write erotic romance. The main one being is it's freeing to know talking or writing about sex isn't the taboo subject it used to be. I enjoy writing stories about real people with real lives. Adding the erotic content allows me to do just that.

All his life he felt he hadn’t belonged but it wasn’t until Clarity Langford appeared did he know the truth of it. Once that truth was revealed there was no going back for Connor Angus, only forward. He discovers he is the long thought dead son of pack Elite leader, Charles Langford. And with that knowledge comes a family full of sisters, mystery and longing for things he’s not sure he has any right to obtain and one of those things is Cordelia Sinclair.

Series Also Available in Print

Recipe of the Month:  
Tailgate Club Sandwich
·        1 loaf unsliced round bread (about 9" diameter)
·        1 cup bottled sour cream and bacon salad dressing
·        lettuce
·        13 lb sliced swiss cheese
·        34 lb sliced cooked roast beef
·        12 lb sliced cooked turkey
·        1 large tomatoes, sliced

1.    Cut bread in half horizontally; hollow out center of each half, leaving 1/4 inch shell.
2.    Spread 1/3 cup of the sour cream and bacon dressing into each shell.
3.    Line bottom of each shell with lettuce.
4.    Into the bottom of each shell layer cheese, roast beef, remaining dressing, turkey and then tomato.
5.    Top with lettuce.
6.    Replace top shell.
7.    To serve, cut into wedges.
8.    Serves 6

Labor Day Weekend Fun:
For Labor Day this year we packed up my son, our DIL, and youngest grand-daughter then headed north to Jet, Oklahoma, about 2 ½ hour drive, to dig crystals the Great Salt Plains Flats. First we checked out Great Salt Plains State Park and all agreed it looked like a great place to go camping.  After lunch, we drove the short distance to the flats and spent about 2 hours digging for crystals in 102 degree weather! We had a great time and plan on returning in the spring when it’s not so hot.

Check it out next time you're in the mood for some prospecting!

Upcoming Appearances:
©    October 2-4, 2015:  Rock IslandArt Festival, Chickasha OK
©    October 17, 2015:  Duncan Author Day, Duncan OK
©    October 24, 2015:  Falling Leaves Author Fest, USAO, Chickasha OK
©    April 13-17, 2016:  Romantic Times Convention, Las Vegas NV

With much gratitude, until next time…keep reading.

Spark your imagination and entice your mind
Be adventurous in your own home
Take a journey into a new world and be inspired
Enjoy the pleasures of reading ~~
It does the mind and body good.

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